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White Oak Painting, Burlington Iowa. Interior, and exterior painting, cabinets and trim.

A few color considerations

Painting the exterior of your house will immediately make it standout from the neighbors. If you're looking to sell your home, painting is the fastest and most popular way to raise the value of your house. One of the first steps we will undertake is assisting you in choosing an appropriate paint color. There are several considerations when choosing the appropriate colors to enhance the exterior of your house.

  • Landscape. Your environment will influence which colors you wish to paint on the exterior. If your house is in the shade, you may consider a lighter color. However, if you want to blend into the environment, you may want a different color. It's critical to think about how you want your home's exterior to complement the setting.
  • Architecture. Perhaps you have a Coastal Traditional home, or maybe a Colonial-style house (for example). They are each very different architectural styles with various peaks and accents. Color can help draw attention to specific architectural details.
  • Existing design. Your roof, driveway, gravel, landscaping, and mulch will not change colors when you paint. Consider how you want your exterior house paint colors to accent these features of your home.
White Oak Painting, Burlington Iowa. Interior, and exterior painting, cabinets and trim.

Stunning starts
with inspiration

There's nothing like a fresh coat of elegant paint to enhance your home's curb appeal. While there are various ways to improve the appearance of your house, painting it with a new color often provides the best bang for your buck.

White Oak Painting employs skilled exterior painters ready to assist you—from selecting paint colors to scheduling our painting team to complete your project flawlessly.

White Oak Painting, Burlington Iowa. Interior, and exterior painting, cabinets and trim.

Our process

What steps do we follow for your exterior painting project when you engage White Oak Painting?  Most importantly, we'll carefully prep your walls. A smooth wall surface makes for better paint adhesion, so our painters will meticulously repair and prepare the surfaces before painting. We undertake several steps:  

  • Our team will wash the exterior of your house. We frequently use a pressure washer.  
  • Next, we'll scrape any loose paint off the house's exterior walls and trim. We'll place drop cloths below our work, so these paint chips don't land in the grass.
  • Sanding is necessary to smooth the exterior surfaces and create an ideal surface for the paint to adhere.
  • All remaining areas which need repair are patched before the exterior is primed.
  • Next, the surface is primed. Each prime coat is different. The paint manufacturer will indicate how many coats are required.
  • Finally we'll seal the cracks and corners so moisture will not seep through.

Finally, it's time to paint the house.  We'll apply professional-grade paint in the color of your choice. Our expert painters will use the appropriate number of coats of quality paint. The duration of this step depends on the type of surface and paint, but our painters will work quickly and efficiently.  And then a thorough clean-up. We make sure your house looks great again. Our house painters clean up your property after completing your paint job. 

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White Oak Painting, Burlington Iowa. Interior, and exterior painting, cabinets and trim.

What our clients say

Isaac of White Oak Painting has completed several projects for my wife and I. He did a beautiful job on the exterior of our residence which improved the curb appeal drastically. He’s also done interior painting for us which turned out very well. Isaac is prompt, communicates extremely well, maintains a clean work environment (which I highly appreciated) and has always been very professional. I really can’t say enough about the quality of his work and the overall great experience. I have referred Isaac to several of my friends and family members.”

— Ken

We are so happy with White Oak Painting. It was worth the wait (over the winter). Isaac is dependable, his workmanship was excellent and he did a great job at painting out house and garage. We had the steel siding, windows, doors, soffit, facia  and basement windows cleaned, primed and painted. On the garage he cleaned, primed and painted the siding, doors, and windows. Everything was neatly done and he cleaned up his supplies at the end of each day. He was very considerate when painting near personal items. He helped us with picking out great colors for our house. I would highly recommend White Oak Painting for your painting needs...”

— Tami Meller

I contacted White Oak Painting when I was in a pinch. My house was already on the market and I needed to repaint my peeling exterior. I needed it done ASAP. Isaac was able to move some of his projects around to get my project done sooner. He always kept me informed on details. He was very considerate to my neighbors when parking in front of their houses. Before the project was done I had an offer on my house. I highly recommend White Oak Painting to anyone who needs painting done in a professional and timely manner...”

— Stephanie Allen